Product Description

Book Journey of Motivation, Self Empowerment & Success which includes personable journal workbook and resources. (Career, Education, Finances, Relationships) You can turn the “page in your life” to a new chapter at any time. It is your life and you should live it. Do not allow your current circumstances to defeat you, your goals, your joy and better season ahead. Keep moving forward regardless of the DARKNESS. Have you ever made up your mind to do something but changed your mind right after you thought about everything that could go wrong? Well, did you ever stop to think about everything that could go right? Are you delaying something that you have desired to do for awhile? Do you worry about your future? Are you tired of worrying about money? Are you dealing with negative family or friends? Do you feel alone, discouraged or lost? Are you trying to figure your purpose out of being here? Do you feel like you are at the end of your rope? Are you tired? Are you tired of being sick and tired? HOLD ON ANYWAY! In this book, a proven life-changing journey is presented to motivate, inspire and empower you to achieve what you deserve despite your season, obstacles, background, and circumstances with a forward moving personalized and realistic plan. Order this and start NOW! This book is a one stop shop because it contains inspiration, progress tracker and quick start resources.