Product Description

Do you ever find yourself feeling behind schedule, delaying life-changing goals, defeated, somewhat lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, disgusted, disconnected or simply not content with the page you are on in your life right now? Stop beating yourself up and join the national club. Did a major life event or change from the past or recently cause you to detour from your Purpose? To others, you may appear to have it all together or like you don’t have a care in the world. However, your reality may be that deep down inside, you may feel like you are just not doing enough or be where you should be by now. You are headed in the right direction for even laying eyes on this page, whether you are considering this book for yourself or someone you care about. On your daily, weekly and monthly To-Do-List, you may be either last or not on the list at all. If the previous statement pertains to you, let’s start the process of correcting that today. You have the ability and power to manage your life differently although your plate may be full with responsibilities and overwhelming demands. As you read this, you may be thinking to yourself that this Author just don’t know your story and not realistic. It is true that I do not know your story, but I do know about long-term risk of not putting yourself at the top of your list or allowing a major life change to define you. It is time to reprioritize and reinvest in yourself. Take this life changing book journey, apply it and take the rest of your life to the next level.. It is time to stop procrastinating and unleash your full potential. You are worth it.  Order this and start NOW! This book is a one stop shop because it contains inspiration, progress tracker and quick start resources.